Katerina Lempidara


Katerina Lebidara was born in Athens , Greece in 1997. She has graduated from Athens arts school while having also finished her studies and seminars in MakeUp courses and cosmetology.  At the moment, she studies at Athens School of Fine Arts. 

Her artistic tendency was obvious even at the of 11 when she won the 1st Biennale prize for drawing. Since then, she has been part of Biennale either as an exhibit or as a performer. 

Photo shootings was the next natural step for her and in a very short time she found herself in the catwalk presenting latex outfits for fashion shows by well known companies like House Of Harlot (UK) and Angelika Darkling (Greece). Also, since 2017, she has been part of the annual Greek Erotica as a model for fashion shows. 

As a talented dancer, go-go dancing was the next thing for her to conquer, initially for the official S.O.A. party and since 2017 she is the resident go go dancer for George Fakinos succesful event Venus In Furs at Second Skin Club. Katerina also dances for popular Trap parties T-Lay 420 and for Hooded Leaders team from USA.

She has also starred in music videos like rapper’s Mithridati’s among others.  

2017 was also the year that artists started hiring Katerina for workshops all over Greece and she was the face behind Lenore Corpse book by writer George Belaouris. 

In 2018 she started collaborating with Limit Up dungeon as a mistress and last but not least, she has done some Hook Suspension training and Body Suspension shows are to follow very soon.

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