The current ticket in your possession is for personal use only and may not be transferred in any way and for any reason, with or without a fee, to another person. 

At your entry in the venue and at any other time when you are requested by the organizing company and its employees, associates and any person specifically authorized by the company, you are required to show it. 

 The commercial or advertising exploitation of the ticket is forbidden in any way (including the lottery draw) without the written permission of the organizing company. 

 Entrance is only allowed to people over the age of eighteen (18) years of age by demonstrating their identity card. 

No admission of minors is permitted, even if accompanied by adults, the organizing company reserves the right to refuse entry even to adults who may require entry by accompanying minors. 

Smoking is strictly forbidden within the premises during the event and during your stay there. 

The price of the ticket does not include the purchase and consumption of food and beverages from the shops that will be operating inside the event. 

 It is forbidden for the holder to enter with food and beverages not purchased from the above shops. 

Upon entering and attending the event, you consent in regards to the audiovisual material that will be projected, prints, illustrations and exposure, promotion and operation of products strictly restricted to adults as well as entry into the BDSMArea, where payment of an additional fee is required, applicable to all present terms. 

Especially for the BDSM Area, any participation, observation of events, audiovisual equipment and the general operation of the BDSM Area can be made only with the explicit consent of the attendee. 

It is forbidden to exchange, resell and generally trade tickets. 

It is forbidden to buy tickets without the prior approval of the organizing company on behalf of third parties as part of a commercial or business activity. 

 The organizing authority will cancel these tickets. 

 All viewers must keep their ticket coupon until the end of their stay at the event venue. 

 This ticket is not refunded, exchanged and not redeemed if the viewer does not attend the event for any reason. 

 The possession of a ticket does not give to you any authority (indirect or otherwise) for the use, alteration, copying or any other processing of symbols, features, logos and / or any material belonging to the intellectual property of the organizing company and any other participant at the event listed on the ticket or related to / included in the event.  

 The organizing company cannot and is not required to replace stolen or lost tickets. 

 The Promoter reserves the right to prohibit your entry and / or to remove you from the event and / or venue in reasonable circumstances, including those relating to your health and safety, as well as in licensing cases when your behavior is judged to affect or is likely to affect the operation of the event and / or the fun of the other people attending it or if you are using an intimidating, abusive or offensive vocabulary or intense bickering as well as aggravated behavior or if they are found possession of prohibited articles or substances or if at the discretion of the Promoter you act under the influence of alcohol or drugs or in case you refuse to comply with the policy or security of the Organizers, and in case you violate these Terms. 

 The use and possession of any kind of weapons and explosives, narcotics, pharmaceuticals or prohibited substances as defined by Greek law is prohibited. Once detected or suspected, the Police will be called. 

It is strictly forbidden to own, carry, hold, use or hold banners, placards or other material of political, sports, commercial or promotional content. 

Upon your arrival at the event – at the planned venue, a check of the ticket will be carried out and a wristband of the event will be placed on your wrist, by staff members. 

The ticket may be declared invalid if it has been altered or deformed. 

It is forbidden by any means to record the performances or the space , as well as the photography of persons or things. 

 In the event of illegal video footage, the ticket holder will be subject to the statutory criminal and civil liability of the Promoter and any third party for its illegal conduct, expressly exempt from the Promoter. 

 Your presence at the event expresses your consent to the possibility of being included in any movie, photo, audio and / or audio-visual reception that can be used in any media, for any purpose and at any time throughout the world. 

The holder at the time of entry declares that he has no right to commercially exploit the audiovisual material in which he participates, projects or intervenes in any way. 

The Promoter does not bear any responsibility for accidents, injuries or death to persons and damage or theft / loss of items without limitation in their value within the venue and within the parking area and in the wider area of ​​hosting the event. 

The public has to comply with the instructions of the security staff, employees and representatives of the organizers. 

Furthermore, viewers are requested to ensure that they will not leave bags or any other personal item unattended in the room. 

The organizing company reserves the right to change the date and space by notifying the public through the media. 

 In this case the tickets are not refunded, but they are valid as they are. 

In the case of deferment of one or more days of the event or the ceasing of the events following strike, government bans, force majeure, bad weather conditions (such as to make the Event / Events unfeasible), etc., the organizing company retains the right to change the date, time and venue of these Events. 

In this case the tickets are not refunded, but they are valid as they are. 

If the event is canceled for reasons of major force, no money is returned to consumers. 

In the event of cancellation of the event for reasons attributable to the Promoter, the tickets will be redeemed within a certain amount of time to be announced by the Promotion Points, which will be announced with the relevant notice from the Mass Media. 

In case of cancellation of the event, for reasons of force majeure, at least 35 minutes after the entry of each viewer, the event is considered complete and is not repeated or refunded. 

Viewers should not bring, exhibit or distribute (free and no) any sponsorship, promotional or promotional material at the festival site. 

The organizing company does carry any responsibility for the sale prices of any goods, beverages or meals within the Event venue and for their quality and assumes no responsibility for the kind, price and quality of the service provided by third parties. 

The organizing company cannot be held responsible if there is a great deal of delay due to overcrowding for visits to specific stands within the stadium area or the exhaustion of items for sale. 

Security staff are in place to ensure the service and security of the public for the smooth conduct of the event. 

The public must comply with the instructions of the security staff and the representatives of the organizers and should not hesitate to contact them if necessary. 

These terms are the viewer’s agreement with the Organizing company. 

 If you want to make a relevant complaint before or during the event, please contact us or one of our supervisors directly.

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