The closed stadium of “Tae Kwon Do” opens its gates and welcomes, from May 17th to May 20th, the most loving audience of the city of Athens! 

At the Olympic Stadium of Faliro 10,000 square meters dedicated to the sexuality of the Athenians and beyond, they are waiting for you to experience an unprecedented experience!

The organization of the exhibition is motivated by eroticism and sexual mood and behavior, in all its dimensions, through sexual information, art, exhibits and bases of things around sex, but also through entertainment, shows and Party with Guest Stars the top Sex Models around the globe.

It comes back to enchant all those for whom the feast of love is thought, choice, act and experience!

Even more impressive, ready to lift our libido to its heights through its multi-faceted actions, based on information and entertainment.


Opening Hours

18:00 έως 00:30

14:00 έως 01:00

14:00 έως 00:00

14:00 έως 00:00

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