The closed stadium of “Tae Kwon Do” opens its gates and welcomes, from May 17th to May 20th, the most loving audience of the city of Athens!

Little Caprice

Comes for 1st time in Greece!


It comes back to enchant all those for whom the feast of love is thought, choice, act and experience!

At the 10,000 sq. Faliro Olympic Pole dedicated to the sexuality of the Athenians and beyond, they are waiting for you to experience an unprecedented experience!

On the occasion of the exhibition of visual arts in parallel, a photo competition “Artistic nude” is organized in collaboration with the magazine “PHOTOGRAPHOS”, more about this and also participation forms can be found here:


The bigger Erotic Models worldwide come to Greece, ready to unfold their talent in the main stage of the festival, covering every demanding viewer. Through their pioneering shows, they “shake” stereotypes and raise our eroticism to the heights.


Alternative erotism

After the dart created by viewing the “50 Greyscale” movie, the ultimate pleasure through dominating games and extreme situations in a string of NSFW.

The art of eroticism through another “dark” dimension will put us on paths unconventional to classical motifs.

The Sex Art

An art exhibition with works and photographs of prominent artists from Greece and abroad, once again within the framework of the Erotic Art Festival. Besides, sexuality is the No1 source of inspiration for works of art and visual arts activities over the centuries and could not be missed from our place.

Sex Education

Top coach and relationship coach Eirini Cheirdari after the arrival of the historic sexologist Dr. Ruth in our first show, this year organizes something really pioneering.

«ALL ABOUT SEX»:  The basic seminar Sex Coaching by Eirini Cheirdari at the Erotic Art Festival 2019

In “All ABOUT SEX” the Greek sex coach presents important knowledge about body, sexuality and love, as well as techniques for greater pleasure and not only!

Cult Cinema

CUlt Cinema

The Erotic Art Festival 2019 presents a new section within the exhibition of film projections of the Greek and European Cult cinema.

An historical review of erotic cinema that will impress both initiates and non-believers.



Entrance Fee


7 €  – People with Mobility Limitations /  Students / Unemployed

15 €  – 1 Person for 1 Day

20 €  – Couples for 1 Day

Opening Hours

18:00 έως 00:30

14:00 έως 01:00

14:00 έως 00:00

18:00 έως 00:00

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